A novel by Louisiana Alba

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Paperback: 305 pages

ISBN:  978-0-9558676-0-6

B format 197mm x 128mm

His espionage novel stolen by a celebrity ‘sweeper’ author, Archie Lees embarks on a helter-skelter odyssey seeking justice inside the dark worlds of Anglo-American publishing, the tale swinging from London to Barcelona, New York, Aigues-Mortes and back again over twelve months, November 2003 to October 2004.

Alba creates a symphony of voices and genres, reanimating modernism, realism, magic realism, poetry, pop, drama, screenwriting and the postmodernist novel, defrocking the methods and madness of major and minor literary techniques and reputations in a century of writerly solitude.

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Literature that rocked my world

Uncorrected Proof - Louisiana Alba. The most original book I read this year - utterly compelling postmodernism.

‘Uncorrected Proof is a postmodern novel that entertainingly riffs on form, style, character, tense, person – but with an overall thriller/quest type plot appropriation, it folds you into its delicious bizarro metascapes and humorous oft-satirical, oft-homagical visions.’